December 18, 2023


LZ animation showing the Concept Of Operations (COO) of the system with particular emphasis on the integration with EXCON for After Action Reviews (AARs).
November 27, 2023

Alberta-based Landing Zones Unveils the World’s First Drone-Launched Training Bomblet at IITSEC

Landing Zones Canada Inc. proudly introduces the world's first drone-launched training bomblet pyrotechnic, a cutting-edge patented innovation precisely developed to fully replicate the drone threats encountered on today's battlefields.
November 27, 2023

I/ITSEC 2023

Landing Zones is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting here in Orlando at booth 573 in partnership with our new colleagues HFI. Stop by the booth to see our new product which we will be unveiling at the show. Should you wish to arrange a dedicated meeting, feel free to reach out at
November 18, 2023

Landing Zones Canada Launches Revolutionary Drone Training Device

Landing Zones Canada Inc. is revolutionizing military training with its groundbreaking Drone Bomblet Pyrotechnic© (DBP©), the world’s first drone-launched training device of its kind. This patented innovation replicates the threat posed by drones on today’s battlefields with exceptional precision.